Who doesn’t cares about the younger generation - has no future!
Unfortunately, the educational work with the young generation in our time is rather weak. For example, in the former USSR countries there is a vacuum instead of the previous Pioneer and Komsomol organizations that fills the street "education" with all its components: smoking, alcohol, drugs, crime, etc.

However, we have a unique system of Cossack education, aimed to the youth and children - the younger Cossacks. This system is based on the glorious historical traditions of the Cossacks. It is perfected by time and modern scientific thought of the specialist and has a favorable difference from so politicized organizations in the recent past.

There is an urgent need to popularize the system, especially:
- The creation of Children and Youth Cossack forces.
- The program of creation of clubs, sections ("Cossacks" and "junior Cossacks") with its logo and uniforms, which will implement the following objectives:
1) Deep studying of the history and culture of Cossacks. This is carried out under the guidance of scientists. The programme includes Lectures, quizzes, debates about the events of Cossack epoch, a historical reconstruction of the Cossack clothing designs weapons, household utensils, customs, the study of Cossack songs, participate in Cossack parades, wreath-laying for the historical monuments, etc. Departments are working closely with other educational institutions.
2) The Cossack youth tourism. Programs include single, double and multi-day hikes with learning to read maps, to plot the route, to hold a compass, to navigate by the stars, to navigate in the woods, to set the tents, to kindle the smoke (signaling) and smokeless fires, to learn the basics of fishing. In addition - to learn the ability to prepare a simple Cossack food (soup, fish soup), learn how to swim, ride a horse, etc. Travel to historic Cossack towns and places of events Cossack epoch are very popular. Organizing the sports and fitness Cossack camps on special programs: wellness, martial arts (self defense), survival in extreme conditions, mastering skills of first aid, swimming training, including scuba diving, etc is in demand as well.
3) The Cossack games, physical training, competitions and festivals. The study of ancient exercise, learning historical Cossack weapons (spear, sword, whip, etc.) and martial arts and self defense techniques, conduct competitions and demonstration performances (based on the martial art "Dragon" - a historical system, modern techniques which are patented in Ukraine and are its intellectual property) are very important. Conducting the Cossack holidays with songs, dances, sports show programs, which included hauling rope; arm wrestling and the solemn dedication in young Cossacks are very popular.
4) The education of patriotism, respect for their state and its citizens. The program includes the patriotic education of children of the state in the way of respect the elderly, (each of which reinforce the younger Cossacks to provide them with ongoing assistance such as to go to the store for medicines, to help with cleaning, etc.). Representatives of the Rada of elders control this process and recommend deserving young Cossacks to improve Cossack ranks. The study of the glorious history of the Cossacks and their State, laying flowers to the historical monuments in the field events of Cossack epoch, etc. are included
5) International relations. It is very important the developing of the relations to youth Cossack organizations around the world (in the period of persecution, the Ukrainian Cossacks immigrated to the 129 countries of the world). There are many Cossacks organizations keeping the tradition of the Cossacks. Foreign exchange with children Cossack groups, joint activities in Ukraine and other countries are important as well.
6) The Cossack education. This includes the publication of textbooks on the study of all aspects of the Cossacks, the development of programs to establish the Cossack classes in secondary schools (first to the optional - the public, and in the future on a national basis), Cossack high schools, colleges, institutes, training of youth for public service Cossack.

Our Cossacks gladly take part in all activities of the Cossack, they should be only  organized and engaged.
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