A citizens of any country can participate in the programs of the Cossack Tourism in Ukraine. There might be travels both for groups or individuals. Travels are lead by the experienced Cossacks.

What the Cossack travel is? This is travel on the historically significant sites of the glorious events of the Cossack era. An individuals or groups of Cossacks (or people interested in Cossack history) are met in the place of arrival (airports, train stations, etc.) by responsible persons of the IUCF. The further program is executed in accordance with the wishes of our guests:, It is possible to visit the particular places of the Cossack historical events or the places of residence of possible Cossack ancestors. Besides that IUCF provides the opportunity to visit the island Khortytsya (reconstructed Zaporizhzhya Sich), the historical Cossack complex near Dikanka, field and the memorial of the Battle of Poltava, and other places of important events Cossack era. All these just depended on the length of stay!  It is possible to hold the solemn ceremony of handing the diploma certifying the person’s affiliation to the historical Cossack family (for those submitting a petition to the MCD UAS. This event is usually happening on. Khortytsya or another important historical site. Our experts will create a video about the presence of a specific group or the person in this journey with the mapping of all the outstanding events.

The trip duration is from 2 days to 3 weeks, the time may vary significantly depending on the customer.
The Cossack travel includes one, two and multi-day hikes and learns to read maps, to make routes, to use a compass, to navigate by the stars and in the woods, to set up the tents, to kindle the smoke (signaling) and smokeless fires, to learn the basics of fishing and the skills to prepare a simple Cossack food (soup, fish soup), learning to swim, etc.

The IUCF provides the following additional options:
- Lectures read by scientists of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, including participation in the quizzes, debates about the events Cossack period;
- Lessons of the ride  horse in the Cossack manner, including the  lessons of using the Cossack weapon (sword, whip), and getting acquainted with the historical reconstruction of the Cossack clothes, models of weapons, household items, customs;
- The lessons of Cossack songs, including participate in the Cossack parades, wreath-laying to the historical monuments, etc.

In order to participate in these programs you should:
Contact IUCF with appropriate application, which noted following:
- The personal data (such as for membership in the IUCF);
- Desired travel dates;
- Historical (or reconstructed) significant places of the Cossack era, you would like to visit;
- Would you like to become a Cossack of IUCF and to get relevant diploma and identity?
- Would you like to explore the history of own Cossack family and to receive the corresponding diploma from MCD of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences?
- What are the additional programs you would like to participate?
- Additional requirements.


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