of the International Union of Cossack Forces

  The specialists of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences studied the unique martial art and health systems "Dragon", which comes from the ancient territory near the Dnieper and the Aryans epoch and from the birth of the ancient foundations of the Cossacks.

From Aryan conquerors this art has penetrated into Iran and India, and later in China, where cultivated the philosophical wisdom of the East. In China the Arts were a secret knowledge of a closed clan for many centuries. Only in 1989, blind Yun Ha (the 97th patriarch of the clan “Dragon” in Vietnam), passed the secret knowledge of the clan to her outstanding student and multiple world champion in martial arts, academician of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (in that time the specialist of the Institute of the Far East, USSR Academy of Sciences) Pavel Nikolayevich KITSKO, who return the art in to Ukraine.

Under the leadership of the P.N. KITSKO scientific researches of nearly inexhaustible potential of this martial art were conducted, the modern techniques for the development of different groups of people up to system "Dragon" were developed and patented. Cossacks IUCF studying this martial art, and demonstrate it, popularizing the Cossack movement in numerous festivals and performances.




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