lead by "International Union of Cossack Forces"
& "International Federation of Dragon"

(A brief information sheet)

Terms of Round : 14 days, 21 days
Task focus:
- The course of the general and special physical training,
- The course of mastering the self-defense,
- The course of the survival in extreme conditions,
- The course in the first aid,
- The lessons of the swimming, scuba diving,
- The lessons of mastering the Cossack weapons: sword, whip spear, bow.
- The theoretical training in Cossack and sports topics.
At the end of the course the student should pass the tests and obtain an international certificate on the level of acquired skills (Everyone can improve their standard regardless of basic training)
The student should have following:
The international travel passport or the birth certificate and the parents’ warrant (for the person accompanying the child).
1. Personal hygiene.
2. Sports shoes (sneakers, sneakers and flip-flops)
3. Swimming trunks, tracksuits, shorts, T-shirts (shirts)
4. Sleeping bags for living in the tents.
Food:  five-time per day food, perfectly balanced, natural nutrition, professional health care, professional experts (champions of the world, with appropriate education, and scientists - candidates and doctors of science) to perform all kinds of programs.
Accommodation: Living in the tents or comfortable rooms, or mixed: some time in the rooms, most of the time – in the tents (for extreme exercise).
Timetable: for foreign children and young people in summer proposed two tours: (within the agreed time with us) from 15 July to 31 August (14 days or 21 days).  The maximum number of persons is up to 50 people.
Fee: The fee varies depending on the wishes; it concerns the living conditions, timing, etc.

For nearly 20 years we have the permanent summer sports and recreation camps under the slogan: "Martial arts and the Cossack tradition - against drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking, crime for a healthy life". They are located in the Crimea (Sevastopol, Alushta), in the Odessa region (Primorsk) where the special targeted programs are available on request: recovery, martial arts (self defense), survival in extreme conditions, development of skills in first aid, swimming lessons, including diving.
We note that our programs, including summer sports camps, have been recognized as the best in Ukraine (in particular in the ranking of the International sports magazine "World of martial arts."
Working with children and young people in the camps is carried out by our experienced professional instructors - world champions in martial arts and health systems, instructors - scuba divers, candidates and doctors of medical sciences. The camps are situated in ecologically clean areas of scenic spots along the Black Sea, with fitted or "wild" beaches (with variants of the seashore nearby the camp: sand, stones, pebbles, boulders) with a clean, clear water. High-quality (five times eating per day), a balanced diet of natural products is provided.

We use an individual approach in terms of sports and recreational training, survival skills, dosing loads, counting everyone's desire to learn this or that program. A basic test of each student (101 tests) on all aspects of physical training is developed. Programs are perfectly designed so that for the period (12 - 21 days)it is possible  to have the full training cycle with concrete results. Children and young people of different levels of training can significantly improve their level over the period of stay in the sports camp.

During the recent years, with the active participation of our Cossack organizations there are options for program of sports camps such as intermingled hikes on the mountain Cossack trails on the places of Crimea, a day trip to Zaporizhzhya at the camp (Island Khortytsya).  The program includes the performance of the artists equestrian, Cossack Theatre (A. Grigoriev) familiarization with Sich, history and Cossack traditions,  the opportunity to ride on the Cossack riding, try sabers, another Cossack weapon, household items.
The work program also includes the study of ancient camps, exercise, martial arts and self defense techniques, the mastery of historical Cossack weapon (sword, saber, spear, bow, whip, etc.).


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