IUCF was created in Ukraine at the beginning of  2010 by the initiative of leaders of the most active and massive Cossack organizations: the East Ukraine, the Don, Zaporizhzhya, Ukrainian, Transcarpathian, Kuban, and other structures in the Ukraine through their associations under a single flag, and the single Cossack law. The Head of the military - Cossack Department of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Colonel-General of the Cossacks, the academician and the winner of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences – Pavel Nikolaevich KITSKO was elected as the Supreme Ataman IUCF, the general-East Ukraine Cossack Ataman, Colonel-General Cossacks, Nikolai Alexandrovich Koval was elected as the main Ataman (1 st Deputy Supreme Ataman).
- The revival and the development of the glorious traditions of the Ukrainian Cossacks, approval of people governing way to manage through the Cossack democracy;
- Domestic support, guaranteed social and legal protection of each Cossack, Cossack prosperous village with a Cossack - master;
- Opportunities for each Cossack to participate in the international programs of IUCF, respect for the elderly, using of their experience in the Cossack elders Council, Cossack military training for youth: boys and girls;
- Help to State in the protection of public order and national borders;
- The main priority of the international activities of the IUCF  is the revival of the Cossacks among Ukrainian and Russian diasporas of various countries, the establishment of close interaction with them. Implementation of the joint programs of cooperation with the Cossack organizations and individual citizens of different countries, who identify itself or its origins with the Cossacks, the establishment of IUCF offices in different countries;
- Implementation of general economic and business - projects, attracting investment to Ukraine on mutually beneficial conditions with aim to establish an economic foundation for the revival of the Cossacks in modern conditions;
- Conducting the International Cossacks events: festivals, competitions, contests, etc. with aim  to promote the Cossack movement, the revival of Cossack culture and traditions.
- Activities of the branches over mass popularization of the Cossack martial arts: training the trainers, permanent holding demonstrations of the Cossacks in martial arts in order to promote the ideas of the Cossacks, Cossacks holidays, massive population of above said in the different countries and regions in order to attract to the Cossack movement and a healthy lifestyle (this activity is provided by a collective IUCF member - International Federation of Arts "Dragon");
- Establishment of the Cossack outposts, the program "Cossack settlement" in order to revive Cossack way of life, traditions and historical reconstruction, creation of museums of the Cossacks.

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