1.Each citizen of any country, who lives by the principles and traditions of Cossack, can join the Cossack organizations IUCF (circles, communities, associations).
 - The basis for entry into any Cossack unit of the IUCF is the personal statement and recommendations of two members of the unit (Cossack comrades coming, a board member or Ataman units)
- Acceptance is carried by open ballot at a Cossack Assembly or on the Cossack Circle by a simple majority of votes. The member of the Cossack community is obliged to observe the Cossack customs and traditions, the principles of Cossack morality: to read each elder as a father, an elderly woman - as a mother. Similarly, older people should relate to the young, as to their children. Every Cossack should be respected as his sister, her honor and dignity in every possible way to defend. Each Cossack should be respected as a brother, every child - to love and protect, as his own.
2. Cossack has the right:
- To attend the Cossacks Circles, meetings, boards of Cossacks, to be elected to any office.
- To freely express and to defend their point of view;
- Since the age of 14 years to attend a Cossack Circles  along with his father, an adult brother, godfather or mentor from the Cossacks.
3. Cossack must:
- Serve for the Cossacks and their country faithfully, keep the traditions and customs of the Cossacks;
- Be brave, patiently and bravely endure all sorts of adversity.
- Keep the Cossacks honor and Cossacks community;
- Respect the parents and older Cossacks;
- Maintain a healthy, sober lifestyle, to adhere to the traditions and laws of the Cossack people;
- Be an example in daily life, to cultivate yourself and your family the high culture and faith;
- Educate their children to be honest, kind, brave, friendly, but uncompromising in the struggle against evil,  give children a decent education.
- Be proud to wear Cossack form and awards;
- Welcome the older age and rank;
- Be collected on the first call to Circle or Council wearing provided for each case form.
- During holidays, Cossack must be in uniform or in national dress of their country, wear paraphernalia.
- Cossack must always hold high the Cossack honor; preserve the dignity of the Cossack nation, its customs and traditions.
- Study and know the history and traditions of the Cossacks, to raise the intellectual level.
4. Cossack enjoys in the community in high esteem and honor. Talking to a woman the Cossack should stand. Cossack does not interfere with women's affairs.
5. Religion is a private affair of each Cossack. Belief in God is a gift. But since most of Cossack traditions associated with the Orthodox Church, a member of the Cossack community should respect them.
 6. The member of any Cossack association in the structure of the "IUCF" should be a patriot of his country, his Cossacks people.
 7. Cossack must not serve his country in a half of his strength. Any assignment of leader, elders, Council, Cossack must perform flawlessly.

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