20.06.2010                                Approved by the Board of Atamans "IUCF"
                          Supreme Ataman of the IUCF,
                          Colonel-General of the Cossacks
P. N Kitsko


for the Cossacks uniform  (ordinary, officers and generals staff)
International Social Organization
"International Union of Cossack Forces"

 1.According to p. 5.1.4. STATUTE  ISO "IUCF" the members are entitled to receive the Cossack rank and to wear the uniform (Cossack form) in accordance with the Regulation "About the Cossack ranks and uniform for the members of ISO" IUCF ";
2.According to the statutory tasks  the IUCF can unite in its ranks the various Cossack organizations that already have their own approved form, so in these cases, the Cossacks should have the complementary chevron IUCF on its form;
3.The own uniform of IUCF and MCD UAS has two variations:
The field uniform - with camouflage fabric with stripe IUCF, and the military belt;
- The red beret with two chevrons: in the form of a shield with the symbol of the IUCF and triangular with a cross and by 2 crossed swords  below it;
- Footwear - military "Boots";
Allowed to use the crimson Cossack stripes 3 cm wide at the trousers and the jacket sleeves in length, and for the Cossacks, who are involved in group of demonstrations of martial arts MCD UAS are allowed embroidery with yellow thread on the back "ACADEMY UAS" and on the sleeves and trousers in the center , interrupting the red stripe embroidery "UCF".
Cossack (military) uniform corresponds to the classical uniform of IUCF, dark green (wet wormwood) color, with a Cossack crimson wedge on his cap, red chevrons and stripes on the trousers (narrow for officers) and broad for generals. General's cap has embroidery on the front of a crimson wedge in the form of spikes and branches, such as embroidery on the sides of his jacket and shirt collar, which has a light green color.
The ctive members of MCD UAS have the right to wear a chevron with the inscription: "The Ukrainian Academy of Sciences MCD" and UAS symbolism.
The part of the uniform is straps with differences that are approved in the "Regulations about the Cossack ranks".
The abroad Centers of the IUCF should claim their shape and decorations according to the opportunities afforded to them by the legislation of their States and agreed with the Council of Ataman IUCF.

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