The Cossacks is a historical phenomenon of effective organizing of the community, economic and political system, military affairs, youth education and other important social factors.

During the history Cossacks played an enormous role in nation-building of Ukraine. The liberation war of Ukrainian people under the leadership of Bohdan Khmelnitsky ended with the establishment of the independent Cossack State - Ukraine. In 1918 Hetman Pavlo Skoropadskiy managed to create an independent state for a short time. Cossack Ukraine quickly gained strength, built temples, schools, revived science and culture. And only adverse political conditions did not allow Ukraine to establish itself as an independent state.

The centuries-old history of the Cossacks persuasively proved its strength and ability to be a leader and protector of the people and independence of the community that can effectively counteract both external and internal attempts to bondage and enslavement.

The specialists of the Military Cossack Department of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences examine all aspects of the Cossacks in different historical periods. Now they are developing perspective programs for its effective and modern development.
The lawyers of the Department are investigating the documents relating to the history of the Cossacks. For example, both the Constitution of P. Orlik was the first in the world and for a considerable time leaved behind the proclamation of the Constitution in Europe and the U.S.A, and his agreement with the Cossacks, who proclaimed him a hetman of Ukraine are the documents of a special interest. Here are the main articles of this document, dated May 1710:
1.The Orthodox faith from Tsar grad patriarch with the metropolis in Kiev should dominate in Ukraine.
2. The Border of Ukraine and Poland should take place along the river Sluch; and the boarder with Moscow should be as it was written in the Pereyaslav agreement by Bohdan Khmelnitsky.
3. There should be friendship with Crimea Khahanate.
4. Ensure that the long-standing rights is given to the capital of Ukraine Kiev and all Ukrainian cities.
5. The Hetman must ensure that no colonels or other military seniors would make servants from neither Cossacks nor the other citizens.
6. The Hetman has no right to put somebody on the post, because all positions should be elected.
7. The Hetman has no right to judge anyone, even if someone would insult Hetman, this should be transferred to the General Court.
8. Three times a year: at Christmas, Easter and on the Protection, the General Council should be held in the Hetmans residence where should be solved an important questions. General seniors, Regimental Sergeants, colonels, General Counsels, representatives of the Zaporizhzhya army should be on this General council. Without ruling of General Council, Hetman can carry only guard duties by the advice of the General Sergeant.
9. The towns built by Russian troops in Zaporizhzhya should be destroyed; nobody can build any towns on land of Zaporizhzhya.
10. The cities: Trehtimirov, Keleberda and Perevolochna with transports must belong to Zaporizhzhya, as well as all the Dnieper with all the rivers, from c Perevolochna till Ochakov.

The Cossacks is the community fighting for real democracy, and the centuries of experience that can effectively solve the major problems of our time.

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