Soviet Union Authorities conducted the repression against the Cossacks. Y. Sverdlov in his letter to V. Lenin just after the Civil War urged: "Cossacks must be destroyed with its the roots as the only community of people which capable to self-organization". And this made to the true - through rivers of blood, violence and mass murders. Many of the Cossacks, to save their lives and honor of the Cossack, were forced to immigrate to various countries.

The second wave of immigration of the Cossacks there was after the Second World War. Many of the Cossacks fought on different sides against each other for the Cossack freedom. The Soviet regime did not give the opportunity to develop Cossacks.

According to the research of the Military - Cossack Department of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences the descendants of the famous Cossack families live in 129 countries worldwide.
Cossacks should not forget their origins and glorious history of their Cossack families! Therefore, the Military - Cossack Department of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences as one of its main objectives considers the revival of the Cossack families because without the past there can be no future. People without history - like a child without parents, as a tree without roots, it can be taken and carried anywhere, to dissolve and to depersonalize. Therefore we can not betray our great ancestors, free knights - the Cossacks!

Our scientists use the materials on Archives of Ukraine, regional archives, historical documents, private archives, historical works of pre-revolutionary (before 1917) period, the own departments and many other sources for the revival of Cossack families.
After the historical research and getting the results, the Military Cossack Department issues the Diploma of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, approved sample in the name of the Cossack (Cossack women) that he comes from a historical Cossack family.

The citizen of any country can be customer of the family research just necessary to fill in the Form and to send it according to the model). Further negotiations will be conducted with experts of the Department (by telephone, e-mail, or personally).

The study of the family history means search of genealogical information (name, date and place of birth) of the direct ancestors of the familial ascending branches. The direct ancestors - these are the people without whom you could not birn. In addition we find their brothers and sisters in the research. The documents reveal a class of your ancestors. The presence of photographs and other documents, which are considered important for setting the Cossack origin and the ancestors' involvement in the historically significant events (if you give us a copy) is important. The absence of the additional information is not an obstacle to research, just necessary to talk to our experts in order to provide the most accurate information.

The guarantee of the authenticity of our work: each item in the family tree is based on archival documents, or others credible materials and high-level skills of our specialists.

To get started we should have information about the place (the smallest territorial unit) and time of birth of your grandparents before 1917. Typical preservation of archival documents allows us to bring the depth genealogical research to the XVI - XVII century, both the nobility and the Cossack families. In average, a study on such depth lasts up to a year.

The cost of genealogical research depends on the depth of research, the term, its completeness, archival and other expenses, fashion design of the results (Diploma, Book, etc).

of the "Revival of Cossack families" 

                                                                                                    Head of MCD UAS
 1. A citizen of any State from the age of 18 years (14-year-old - through the legitimate representatives of the adult) has the right to apply to MCD UAS and IUCF with the statement for requesting an investigation of the involvement of his/her family to historic Cossacks.
2. To do this, it is necessary to fill in a standard form, which provide maximum information and send it to us.
3. It is difficult to appoint the term because of the complexity of studies but our experts will try to end them as soon as possible (within 1 - 2 months).
4. The customer has to communicate with our specialists in personal, e-mail or telephone mode and to provide answers on additional questions if they arise.
5. All additional terms are discussed with our specialists.
6. With the positive result of the investigations, the customer hands a diploma to his membership of the historical Cossack family. The diploma is awarded by hand delivery, on one of the places famous historical Cossack's event (place and date determined by agreement with the customer), even foreign nationals are required to visit Ukraine. Only in exceptional circumstances (inability to visit Ukraine for health or very old age, etc.) the Head of the MCD UAS can afford to hand over documents in another country or send it to the customer.
7. The customer (or group) is met in the city of arrival (airports, train stations, etc.) by the responsible persons of the department. Further  program is conducted in accordance with previous agreements, according to the wishes of the customer (depending on their length of stay in Ukraine, the desire to visit particular places of Cossack historical events or the graves of their ancestors - the Cossacks). In addition, we provide an opportunity to visit the island Khortytsya (reconstructed Zaporizhzhya Sich) historical – cultural Cossack complex near Dikanka "field and a memorial of Poltava Poltava, Cossack monuments and other places of important events Cossack epoch. Ceremonial awarding of a diploma, certifying the person's affiliation to historical Cossack family, occurs in the historical significance for the history of the Cossack place. Our respective experts can create a video of the stay for a particular person in Ukraine, with the mapping of this outstanding event.
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