A poster “The history of the Ukrainian State” shows the prominent figures in the birth of the foundations, who took part in  the creation, the development and the struggle for existence of the Ukrainian Cossack State, from ancient times to the present day.

The scientists of the Military Cossacks Department of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences carry out the great work on the study of the little-known facts of Ukrainian history. They promote the rethinking of the activity of the eminent personalities in different historical periods using the results of the investigated facts and documents.

The estimation of the many events from the past was distorted under the influence of political regimes and power in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union. Therefore, the history of the Cossacks was ignored and distorted while the authorities were trying to "totally destroy" it.

The activity of the Department aimed for providing the accurate information and study materials for the restoration of historical justice, which is important not only to the past, but even for the future of the Cossack people.

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