Attracting investment for the Cossack business - projects is an important factor in the revival of the Cossacks movement, Cossack economy and business.

    The work with investors, developing the programs of the scientific support for the implementation of investment projects, carrying out the scientific, technological and economic expertise of business – proposals or existent business - plans in order to predict their technical viability, profitability, to register the patents, to minimize the risks, etc. are one of the most important areas of the activity of the Military Department of the Cossack Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

     Unfortunately, the consulting activity of the foreign consulting firms working in Ukraine is not very effective in Ukraine and is not a sufficient guarantee for the investor from possible risks.

    Leading scientists from MCD of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences: Doctor of Science, experts in the areas of economics, law and other areas of science can fully explore the business - proposals,  and to make professional conclusion about economic and profit prospects and the risks.

     MCD of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences will develop the business plans, provide protection (as an intellectual property) innovations involved in the projects and will provide investors a formal conclusion, with respect to each specific business - project.

on the scientific study of investment projects by specialists MCD UAS
and the further promotion 
 Military - Cossack Department
of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences

     1.The specialists of MCD UAS can study the business - projects and business – proposals of any difficulty in all areas of modern business and give their scientific conclusions (except of activities prohibited by current Ukrainian law and international law).
     2. The customers of the research of business - proposals or scientific development of business - project can be both investors or investment companies and proponents of these proposals who want to implement them.
     3. MCD UAS conducts the commercial activity in conjunction with "Indict and C”, which was created in order to implement programs on a commercial basis.
     4. The terms of conducting research and providing relevant conclusions depend on the level of complexity of the project, but rather tight.
     5. Following the wish of the customer any innovation, proposed in the draft, could be patented and protected as intellectual property.
     6. All questions related to the implementation of this program in each case are governed by the relevant agreement with the customer.
     7. The current business – project will be placed on the website of MCD UAS for investment campaigns and interested individuals. According to the initial conclusion made by MCD UAS the proposals can be offered to investors as the business – plans and  the relevant research about  the future prospective of these projects.
     8. Any additional information can be obtained directly from the experts MCD UAS either by e-mail, telephone or in personal meeting. 
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