The enormous intellectual capacity of the MCD of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences allows making the comprehensive research on all aspects of the revival of the Cossacks, the activities of veterans' military organizations.

The main directions are:

- Research of the perspectives and contribution to the revival and development upon the scientific and legal basis of the traditions of the Ukrainian Cossacks, Cossack economy, small and medium businesses, the revival of farmers' individual and collective Cossacks farms (program "Cossack settlement, etc.) in the current market conditions.
- Development of the scientific programs for training and education of the younger Cossack generation, Cossack military training of children and young people: in the spirit of chivalry, patriotism and loyalty to the Ukrainian people. Research historical and cultural heritage of Ukrainian Cossacks is the main part of the programme.
- The conducting and participation in the  research aimed at the developing of the new technologies, innovative development, the promotion of innovation in industrial and agricultural areas, the revival of the Cossack economy, the creating of the appropriate data banks, introducing the most advanced, environmentally friendly products and technologies. Carrying out the scientific and economic research and providing the seeking of the  investments to Cossack business - programs initiated by citizens, works to protect intellectual property.
- The development of the scientific techniques of psychological rehabilitation of servicemen who were involved in international peacekeeping activities in "hot spots" and other stressful situations, programs of the creating jobs for retired from  the military and the power structures or reduced persons in connection with the downsizing Army. It needs to use their professional experience and integrate them into civil society. Providing them and their families to the settlements in the countryside and participate in the program "Cossack Sloboda" (for many it is not just a job, but the problem of housing).
- The provision of publications on thematic of the Department of printed materials the books, the posters, other materials with high content of information, video, etc.
 "Cossack Circle" is the permanent newspaper of the International Union of Cossack Forces and the Military - Cossack Department of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, the materials from which will be placed on our website.

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