1. The Military Cossacks Department of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences was founded in 08.04.2010. It was composed by leading scientists from different disciplines, experts of the Cossacks and military service, lawyers, authoritative foreign leaders.
2. Pavel Kitsko, Colonel- General, Supreme Ataman of the International Union of Cossack Forces, academician and laureate of Ukrainian Academy of Science prize, leaded the Department.
3. The main activities of the Department:
- Creation of the economic and legal frameworks for the development of the Cossacks, small and medium businesses, restoring the Cossack farmer households in the current market conditions. These programms are created by scientists under the leadership of the rector of the State Agricultural Academy, Doctor of Agricultural Science, Professor Viktor Pisarenko and Deputy Head of the Military - Cossack department of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences of the Cossacks, Colonel General Nikolai Koval.
4. The development of scientific programs of the Cossack education, military preparing of children and youth in the spirit of chivalry and patriotism, studying of historical and cultural heritage of the Cossacks by a team of scientists headed by Academician of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Rector of the State Pedagogical University, doctor of history and a doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Vladimir Pashchenko.
5. Innovative development, promotion of innovation, the introduction of environmentally clear products and technologies in the Cossack economy, scientific and economic research and providing the attracting to invest the Cossack business - projects in the country, promoting the involvement of investors are conducted by specialists, headed by first deputy head of the military - Cossack department head of Intellectual Property Department Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Academician - Anatoly Sinitsyn
6. The development of scientific techniques of psychological rehabilitation of solders, who were involved into international peacekeeping operations in "hot spots" and other stressful situations, the development of the programs aimed to create jobs for the military and other "power structures" of retirees, the effective use of their expertise and their integration into civilian society are headed by deputy head of the Department of Military Affairs - Admiral of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, the former Deputy of the Minister of Education of Ukraine, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor Alexander Shyptsov.
7.The medical aspect of the work is governed by a group of scientists led by Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and academician of the International Academy Otorhinolaryngological, chief rhinology of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Sergei Bezshapochny.

The active work of leading scientists of the Department: lawyers, diplomats, economists  revive all aspects of Cossack life, its development in modern society, the development of international relations and scientific cooperation with the Cossacks and other interested organizations around the world.

The scientists - historians pay great attention to the revival of the Cossack families, which were interrupted by the repressive activities of Soviet power in respect of the Cossacks. The scientists are using archive materials in Ukraine and many other sources for this aim. A citizen of any country can regain his Cossack ancestry and obtain the relevant document MCD of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.
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