"Soul and body, we set for our freedom,
And well show that we, brothers, of Cossack kind "
                         (From the national anthem of Ukraine)

  Background of the Program
Now the social movements, such as the Cossacks, which is historically in Ukraine, the organization of military veterans and other active community groups are trying to grow up and to help the State. Ukraine is in a difficult economic situation. With huge potential (40% of industry of the former USSR, 24% of world reserves of black earth, a powerful intellectual resource, ability of producing modern technology, including military, space and many others) Ukraine is gradually overcomes the difficult transition period.
To support government programs for social-economic development, in particular investment - innovative programs, the Military Department of Cossacks of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (further MCD UAS) aims to bring the scientific basis for the community initiatives aimed at strengthening the State and crisis phenomena in different spheres of public life using a national Cossack ideology.
The main line of work is to promote the development of Ukraine as a strong, modern, independent state.
The Department is working divided into the sectors, in accordance with the directions of activity:
1. Sector of the historical research and educational programs of the Cossack education.
2. Sector of the promoting of Cossack farming (agricultural research, the scientific support for the development of small and medium businesses Cossack).
3. Sector of the intellectual property, technical and economic studies of the Cossack initiatives.
4. Sector of the development the assistance to Cossack and military (veteran) organizations.
5. Sector of the children and youth development programs.
6. Sector of the International Relations.
7. Sector of the health and environmental research.
8. Sector of the promoting the revival of Cossack culture.
9. Legal Sector of Cossack activities.
10. Publishing and advertising sector.
11. The foreign Sector
All sectors work closely together and perform the following main tasks:
- The research of the perspectives and contribution to the revival and development in scientific and legal basis of the traditions of the Ukrainian Cossacks, Cossack farms, small and medium enterprises, rehabilitation of farm individual and collective Cossack farms (program "Cossack settlement, etc.) in the current market conditions.
- Development of scientific programs for training and educating a new generation of Cossacks, Cossack military training of children and young people: in the spirit of chivalry, patriotism and devotion to his people. Conduct a research of historical and cultural heritage of Ukrainian Cossacks.
- Ensuring the publication of printed materials, videos, etc., respectively, to the Department
- Conducting and participation in the research aimed at developing new technologies, innovative development, the promotion of innovation in industrial and agricultural areas of the Cossack revival of the economy, the creation of appropriate databases, the introduction of the most progressive, environmentally friendly products and technologies. Carrying out scientific and economic research and provide findings the investments to Cossack business - programs initiated by citizens, works to protect intellectual property.
- The development of scientific techniques of psychological rehabilitation of solders who were involved in international peacekeeping activities in the "hot spots" and other stressful situations. Developing the programs of creation jobs for the military and the power structures of retired or been reduced due to the downsizing of the army, with the effective use of their experience and integration into civilian society. Providing them and their families to the settlements in the countryside and participate in the program "Cossack Sloboda" (for many it is not just a job, but the problem of housing).
- Development of communication and cooperation with local Cossack and military (veterans') organizations, the scientific support for their activities.
- Development of international relations and scientific cooperation with foreign Cossack and veterans' organizations (including the former exiled), their involvement in the program of the development in Ukraine.  In order to achieve these objectives, MCD UAS involved in its work the leading specialists and scientists in the field: history, economics, pedagogy, law, medicine, psychology, military affairs, Cossack organizations, Cossack self-government and culture, as well as veterans of military service and law enforcement agencies.

1. Sector of the historical research and the Cossack education programs

Level of the programs - regional, Ukrainian, international.
Task - programs oriented for all age groups of sexes, research and revival glorious traditions of the Ukrainian Cossacks, systems, education of children and youth, develop their current models.


The person without history as a child without parents may disappear in the modern world. The glorious histories of Ukraine, the age-old struggle of its people for their independence are role models and the basis for developing a sense of national dignity of modern Ukrainians. Educating young people on the heroic examples of historical events, in-depth study of the life of the Cossacks, little-known facts of its history, archaeological research - all of which should generate the interest among young people and all the Ukrainians to their own glorious history, to cultivate self-esteem and promote social development initiatives of our country.
The need to develop modern pedagogical model of education, which would be based on best practices of the Cossack education: patriotism, respect for elders, care for the family, ethics, culture, etc. Using the historical traditions of Cossack education will make our educational system peculiar and unique.
Social category, which is designed program implementation: a pedagogical aspect - children and youth, in the historic - all segments of the population.


1.2.1. The study of the little-known facts of important events of Cossack epoch, redressing the one-sided coverage of the history of Cossack in Ukraine and the Soviet period is important. The study of the archival materials, including abrading archival (e.g. Archives of Sweden) is important as well as the accumulation of factual material and its systematization and publication.
1.2.2. Assistance to the archaeological research
Systematization of the archaeological research and the assistance for the new archaeological excavation in places of construction in the area of cultural historical layer.
1.2.3. Creating programs about Cossacks - the direction of science that studies the Cossacks. Most of the historical period of the Ukrainian State was associated with the Cossacks. Study of Cossack culture, customs, traditions, historical events, the definition - who is a Cossack, etc, is the basis Cossack research, which is a necessary component of education of modern Ukrainians. To do this, it is planned to issue an appropriate textbooks at a professional level. The creation of the  educational programs will be based on the experience of Cossack lyceums named Sholokhov, Morozov and others in Russia, which at their creation helped by the Ukrainian specialists. The development of scientific base and related programs for the creation of Cossack institutions of higher learning, for teaching Cossack science in secondary schools, high schools, colleges, etc.
1.2.4. Publications and information activities.
Since independence, the number of publications on the history of the Cossacks was increased to some extent, but a small amount of circulation, perhaps the lack of artistic expression, the high cost, etc. the relationship with readers is too limited. It is planned to create a print, video and music products, which could become a landmark event in the information space. It is important to draw attention to the Cossacks of different population groups. In particular, in order to stimulate the desire of youth to serve in the Ukrainian army, to make the prestigious and coveted military profession, to awaken in every Ukrainian spirit of the warrior - Defender of the Fatherland.

2. Sector of the promoting the Cossack housekeeping
(Agricultural research, scientific support development of small and medium business)

Level of the programs - regional, Ukrainian, international.
Task - programs oriented for all segments of the population involved in the programs of the Cossack economy (in agriculture and other sectors of small and medium business).

The revival of the Cossack economy, which has a long history and proven its effectiveness in different historical periods and politico-economic formations is the main factor for economic revival and prosperity of Ukraine. The combination of the achievements of the Cossacks and the development of small and medium businesses will provide stability, job creation and the economic development.
Good housekeeping on the own land is the reason for the nation's survival. Cossack had always been the master of the land allotment and effectively it worked. With 24% of the world's black soil, Ukraine is capable in the producing clean, natural agricultural products and ensures that it not only for themselves, but also for foreign consumers. Prices for not genetically modified products are growing steadily at times. The dominance of this market is a lifelong Ukrainian exclusive, but it is necessary to do a lot of work and Cossack perseverance in achieving objectives.
Social category, which is designed implementation of programs:
Families of the Cossack army veterans, law enforcement and other entities active associations that support the revival of the Cossack economy.


2.2.1. To develop and to implement the program "Cossack settlement
* "Cossack settlement" is a temporary working title of which and may be replaced for specific work projects.
There are domestic folk-ethnographic complex "Cossack settlement" (p. Lyubimovka, Dnipropetrovsk region), "Mamaeva Sloboda" (Kiev), as well as in the implementation stage ethnic - cultural neighborhood of low buildings (Kharkov) in Ukraine. According to the program "Cossack settlements" several varieties of economic settlements will be designed:
- Farmer;
- Rural communities engaged in the production of grain, vegetables, livestock, horticulture and viticulture.
- Rural communities engaged in the production of elite seed and breeding work in animal husbandry, horse breeding, etc.
- Rural communities engaged in the storage and processing of various kinds.
All the "Cossack settlements" are the self-governing community organizations and commit themselves to respect the basic rules of the Cossack and, accordingly, raise their children. All of them are on contractual basis in associations, unions, corporations and other partner organizations that provide reliable operation of farms.
The basic list of specialized works which perform our partner organizations:
1) organization and training of the "Cossack settlement" modern computer technology planning and business activities, financial management and the basics of logistics;
2) organization of jobs for specialists in computer science who wish to live like the Cossacks and to carry out work over the Internet on-demand;
3) the search for investors for the opening of new industries, new technologies and conducting experimental - experimental studies;
4) conducting marketing and sales of the "Cossack settlements" production;
5) the organization of specialized sports clubs for children and youth, in which physical education is combined with preparation for career choices and the entry into adult life, holiday trips, in particular the trip abroad and meetings with peers;
6) to organize the necessary interaction with state organizations, institutions and structures;
7) The search for profitable credit and insurance services of all kinds;
8) organization of tourist business such as "green tourism";
9) delivery of modern technology and organization of its maintenance;
10) organization of training or temporary employment for professionals of the "Cossack settlements" abroad and accordingly - for those wishing to foreign experts.
Inhabitants of the "Cossack settlements" may be retired military personnel and their families, and also released from other paramilitary structures, peasants and university graduates according to professional profiles, and other citizens who share the Cossack values of life and professions are suitable for work in the settlement.
The territory of the "Cossack settlement" can be tuned to selected state lands or local authorities sectors, as well as abandoned and sparsely populated settlements.
Public life in the Cossack settlements "including the overwhelming majority of residents in the past dedication to the Cossacks, and other residents are governed by the laws of Ukraine, the Charter of the public association, Regulations, Agreements and other documents which are not inconsistent with the Charter.
2.2.2. Promoting the Small and Medium Business
Developing programs for development of small and medium businesses with the economic and legal justification, the study of development prospects, the need for redevelopment or related areas.

3. Sector of the Intellectual Property
technical and economic studies Cossack initiatives

Level of the programs - regional, Ukrainian, international.
Task - programs oriented for the protecting intellectual property, economic and technical studies, and expert opinions on the implementation of business - projects.

At the conclusion of investment agreements on the implementation of national development projects the ones where the patents of Ukraine for invention are prefer. In this case the investor is not at risk of violation of rights, possibly unknown owner of the development, as well as he has confirmed the novelty of the development on a global level, i.e. outside the boundaries of patent protection. On the other hand the owners of patents of Ukraine and the authors of the invention have a reliable protection against unauthorized use of the results of their hard and often long-term work.
Intellectual property in general is one of the important economic factors in today's market relations, and from the inception of the idea until the completion of the implementation and handling of finished products. The help of the specialists - patent, technical and economic experts and lawyers is important to project developers and investors.
Social category to which the implementation of programs is designed: Cossack and veterans' associations of Ukraine, their initiative groups, individual investors and citizens.

3.2.1. Protection of the Intellectual property
Research Program of the patent and scientific and technical information on specific topics allows developers to assess the situation with the intensity of patenting on the direction of their choice and to weigh the competitive situation on the global level.
The Program of identification and protection of the technical solutions to technical documentation for new products before going to market, allowing developers to prevent the possible loss of priority and patent advantages relative to the best results of his labor.
Program on patenting of technical solutions developer includes a patent search to determine equivalence and design patent applications.
Also assistance is provided to owners of intellectual property in protection their rights to a utility model, industrial design, trademark for goods and services in literary works such as technical documentation, works of art, theater, film production, etc.
3.2.2. Technical and economic studies
Working with investors, conducting scientific, technical or economic expertise of business - projects, business - plans in order to predict their technical viability, profitability, competitiveness of the patent, minimize risk, etc. Market research is made in associated with the objects of new technology.
Programms of the scientific support of the implementation of investment projects to identify and protect intellectual property, which may be created during the project work.


Execution is carried out on a contractual basis at the expense of investors or customers.

4. Sector of promotion of the Cossacks and military organizations
Level of the programs - regional, Ukrainian, international.
Task - programms oriented on Cossack and military organization.


In today's Ukraine dated on 30 April 2010 there are more than 700 Cossack organizations, but for different reasons, the declared program of their activities are not being fully utilized. Currently, there is a need for generalized experience and for developing the new approaches and forms of their work.


4.2.1. Participation of the Cossacks in public life.
The programme of the activities of both Cossack and military (veterans') organizations involves the continued active participation of Cossack communities and the Cossacks in all aspects of the village, city, region, country. Active participation in the electoral process should contribute towards the influential representation of Cossack communities in local government bodies, etc.
The program of voluntary compliance with civil duties to maintain public and environmental regulations, assistance (sponsorship) for older people in solving the domestic and health problems, etc.

4.2.2. Participation of organizations of veterans of the army and security forces in public life
The program provides an opportunity for veterans to use their experience in implementing business - projects relating to various spheres of the Cossack communities, as well as other villages, cities, etc.
4.2.3. Participation in joint business - projects
The program provides opportunities for Cossacks to join the  various business - projects, other kinds of joint beneficial activities, which will become the unifying factor of life Cossack communities.


Programs  are funded by the customers, membership dues, other income and active participation of representatives of interested organizations in the creation and use of relevant programs.

5. Sector of the youth and children's programming development of the Cossacks
Level of the programs - regional, Ukrainian, international.
Task- programs oriented for historical - cultural, sport health activity of the  children and youth.


Currently, when Ukraine and other former USSR republics are experiencing a transition period, public education work with the younger generation is in decline. Instead of the Pioneer and Komsomol organizations of the recent past vacuum has arisen and now the vacuum is filled with street "education" with all its components: smoking, alcohol, drugs, crime, etc.
However, we have a unique system of Cossack education, aimed to children and younger Cossacks. It is based on the glorious historical traditions of the Cossacks, perfected by time and modern scientific thought of the specialist, Cossacks - scientists, and has the advantageous differences from too politicized organization's recent past. There is an urgent need to expand its activities.
Social category, which is designed implementation of programs: children and youth of all ages.


5.2.1. Education of the children and youth.
The program of creation of clubs, circles, sections ("Cossacks" and "junior Cossacks") with its symbolism and uniform (in accordance with the Law of Ukraine on citizens' associations), which will implement the following objectives:
1). In-depth study of the history and culture of Ukrainian Cossacks. It is carried out under the guidance of scientists. Lectures, quizzes, debates about the events in Ukraine, the Cossack period, the historical reconstruction of the Cossack clothes, models of weapons, household items, customs and the study of Cossack songs, participate in the Cossack parades, wreath-laying to the historical monuments and other units are working closely with the educational institutions.
2). Cossack tourism.
Programms include one, two and multi-day hikes with learning to read maps, to make routes by own compass, to navigate on stars, to navigate in the woods, tents, to kindle the  smoke (signaling) and smokeless fires. Learning the basics of fishing, the development of skills of the cooking simple Cossack food (soup, fish soup), learning to swim, ride a horse, etc. Travel to the historical Cossack towns and places of important events of the Cossack era. Organization of sport - fitness Cossack camps, special programs: wellness, martial arts (self defense), survival in extreme conditions, mastering skills of first aid, swimming training, including scuba diving, etc.
3). Cossack games, physical training, competitions and festivals
The study of the ancient exercise, possession the historical Cossack weapons (spear, sword, whip, etc.). Studying martial arts and self defense techniques, conducting of the competitions and demonstration performances (based on the martial art "Dragon" - a historical system, modern techniques which are patented in Ukraine and are its intellectual property). Conducting Cossack holidays with songs, dances, and sports show programs, which included hauling rope, arm-wrestling and other ceremonial dedication of the young Cossacks.
4) The education of patriotism, respect for their state and its citizens. The program of patriotic education of children of the state to respect the elderly, each of which reinforce the younger Cossacks to provide them with ongoing assistance (go to the store for medicines, to help with cleaning, etc.), representatives of the Council Cossack elders control this process and recommend worthy young Cossacks to increase the Cossack ranks. Include the study of the glorious history of the Cossacks and their State, laying flowers to the historical monuments in the field events Cossack era, etc.
5) International communications.
Developing the links with youth and children Cossack organizations around the world (in the period of repression, Ukrainian Cossacks immigrated to 129 countries around the world, many of which have Cossacks, and youth and children's Cossack organizations) who maintained the tradition of Ukrainian Cossacks.
6. Publishing and promotional activities.
Including the release of information publishing, video and other products.
7). Cossacks education.
The publication of the textbooks on Cossacks science and others, the development of programs to establish the Cossack classes in secondary schools (first to the optional - the public, and in the future on a national basis), Cossack high schools, colleges and universities are very important. Preparing young people to public service is important as well.
5.2.2. Prospectives of the programms.
The preservation of historical - cultural heritage of Ukraine and the Cossacks, and education of the physical and mental healthy, patriotic, intelligent young generation of Cossacks - Ukrainians in friendly interaction with the Cossacks of other states are the main prospective.


Ensure the programs from the membership fees may be only partly because the program will have a lot of sense only when the mass involving children and youth, including those from disadvantaged families, with low pay. For specific activities it is possible to attract sponsors' funds, support for local governments, and funds from profit from the Cossack business activities. In a global sense - requires routine state financial support as the most important - is the younger generation - the future of the country.
6. Sector of the international relations.
Level of the programs - international.
Task - programs oriented for Cossack and military (veterans) organizations in Ukraine and abroad

6.1.The necessary of the programme.

The persecution for the Cossacks in the 20-ies of the XX century and the desire to destroy the roots in the Soviet Union caused a great wave of immigration of the Cossacks in many countries (some say 129) of the world. In these countries, there are many Cossack organizations, who see Ukraine as the historical center of the Cossack movement and wish to contact us and friendly relations. We want the process of revival of Ukraine to attract all the Ukrainians of the world (i.e. - the Cossacks), to fix their close cooperation and business contacts; to attract their investments on mutually beneficial conditions, etc.


6.2.1.Cossack tourism in Ukraine.
The development of routes for foreign Cossacks on the places of historical events in Ukraine together with the cultural - historical programs (Khortitsia island and near Dikanka, etc.), learning style Cossack riding on horseback, possession of swords are very attractive.  It will be very interesting to the Cossacks, whose ancestors immigrated from Ukraine and Russia, while it will be financial support of our Cossacks.
6.2.2. Foreign exchange.
A variety of programs to exchange by delegations of the Cossack, the establishment of Cossack sports camps for all age groups (in conjunction with the rest in the Crimea and other places), etc.
6.2.3.Attracting the foreign Cossacks to make investment projects in Ukraine.
Some foreign Cossacks have a desire to participate in the revival of Ukrainian Cossacks, have significant financial resources and agree to invest in our common Cossack business - projects.
Implementation of these areas involves the establishment of correspondence and the  contacts with foreign Cossack organizations via internet, the involvement of professional interpreters with different languages, the establishment of special programs of cooperation.


The programme is funding from investors, membership dues, other income and active participation of representatives of concerned organizations to ensure implementation of relevant programs.
7. Sector of the health and environmental research.

Level of the programs - regional, Ukrainian, international.
Task - programs oriented to the Cossack and military (veterans) organizations in Ukraine and abroad, some of their representatives.


The life expectation of the Ukrainians in the average 15 - 20 years less than in developed European countries. Many soldiers who were involved in international peacekeeping programs in "hot spots" and other stressful situations in need of real improvement programs, effective medical care, psychosocial rehabilitation. The high price for medicines, lack of public funding of Medicine is in Ukraine now. As a result, most of the population is left with almost no medical care, although we have a sufficient number of qualified doctors. Programs are needed to improve this situation, ensure the Cossacks and veterans of military service and other security agencies of decent medical care (from prevention to treatment). Develop and implement effective programs for environmental safety - also an important component of healing the nation.


7.2.1. Education activities in the field of medicine and ecology
Doing more work to inform the Cossack and military (veteran) in communities of medical issues, disease prevention, environmental and medical sense - environmental hazards and appropriate standards of conduct.
7.2.2. Non-tradition methods of healing.
Our scientists from the Medical Academy, Institute of Traditional Medicine and other health institutions developed the programs using the great experience of centuries of folk medicine. These preventive health measures are available, almost free, highly efficient, genetically characterized by us. And it will be an important factor in health and longevity of our members and communities of all Ukrainians.
7.2.3. Giving the advices and medical assistance to the Cossacks by our scientists in the regions of Ukraine.
The enormous scientific potential of our department, including the field of medicine, can provide advices and medical assistance to our citizens in many regions of Ukraine. During the meetings, or Cossack holidays in the village, an authoritative expert physician - scientist, who is a member of the group, will check-up and consult all comers just on-site, and if necessary, helps the patient be admitted to a regional hospital, etc. The Lawyer will give the advice on relevant aspects of law and specific issues. This free assistance is not only enhances the credibility of the Cossacks, but really helps our citizens.
7.2.4. Ecological program.
Environmental security is one of the most important conditions for not only development but also for the existence of the population of modern Ukraine. Programs of the Cossack environmental controls should ensure the effective mechanisms for national monitoring of every environmentally hazardous facility in each region, city or village. The legal competence of the Cossacks (to create the appropriate courses of study), their active citizenship, the ability to accurately calculate the actual emissions of harmful substances, knowledge of all legally permissible standards, provide sound environmental management (including the activity or inactivity of the state Environmental Services) .

The programme is carrying out at the expense of intellectual, professional sponsorship of our scientists in the field of medicine and ecology, with funds from the Cossack commercial activities, sponsorship.

8. Sector of the promoting of the revival of Cossack culture

Level of the programs - regional, Ukrainian, international.
Task - programs oriented -forCossack and military (veterans) organizations in Ukraine and abroad.


A centuries-old culture is the soul of the nation; it is the real connection between generations. Ukraine has a very rich cultural - historical heritage, which is to educate current and future Ukrainians. This will help to restore a sense of national dignity, and respect for their country, the revival of the Cossacks.


8.2.1. Theatrical performances, demonstration programs, contests, etc
Programs are implemented with the national color, clothing, songs, horses, dancing in the Cossack camp, and historic places (on the island Khortytsya, at a Cossack village near Dikanka, etc.). The dishes of the national Ukrainian cuisine in an appropriate dish and interior are the revival of Cossack life.
8.2.2. The expo of the Cossacks creativity.
The embroidery, musical instruments, products Cossacks - potters, Cossacks - blacksmiths, etc are demonstrated.  
8.2.3. Education work.
There are lectures of experts, forums, meetings, etc everywhere. All these programs will be implemented in Ukraine and abroad.


The sources of financial support is the Cossack masses, funds from commercial activities, the participation of sponsors of the program or individual events.

9. Sector of the legal support of the Cossack

Level of the programs - regional, Ukrainian, international.
Task - programs oriented for Cossacks and military (veterans) organizations in Ukraine and abroad


The highly skilled legal protection of the interests of the Cossacks is an important component of modern social life and all activities. Registration of public and commercial Cossack organizations, the implementation of investment programs, solution of land issues, drafting of contracts, protection of interests in the court, etc. require ongoing qualified legal assistance.
Cossack is the owner of the land, it is historical fact. Now, according to lawyers, it is not yet sufficiently streamlined borders between the village councils, areas of the highways, etc. There many cases when the land for construction of gas stations, hotels, business and career etc. were given with breaking the Law.


9.2.1. The own land
Legal programs include the provision of the protection of the Cossacks rights for land (personal, farm, under the "Cossack settlements, rental, etc.). It will also provide the necessary assistance to other citizens and organizations that will help to establish the civilized relations in land issues. It is planned to conduct a land inventory, regulatory bodies, and local self-government.
9.2.2. Business
The modern business requires almost continuous legal support for its activities. This preparation of contracts, participation in investment projects, protection of interests in court and other areas of business . The Cossacks commercial activities in all fields are also accompanied by programs of legal protection.
9.2.3. The social, the criminal and the legal matters.
There are courses for Cossack over legal norms in various spheres. Execution of this work is aimed at the elimination of legal incompetence and insecurity of the population of Ukraine; it will protect the Cossacks from various kinds of abuse.
Every Cossack always will able to get a full professional consultation and the legal protection on any matters of civil and criminal law.


Programs are provided through the participation of lawyers in the implementation of business - projects (on the principles of global practices), as well as free advice Cossacks (sponsor - the intelligent help themselves lawyers - Cossacks).

10.The publishing and advertising sector

Level of the programs - regional, Ukrainian, international.
Task - programs oriented for all the people of Ukraine, the Cossack and military (veterans') organizations in Ukraine and abroad


The publications and promotional activities include the provision of information in order to bring our programming community for Cossack and military (veteran) organizations. This will help to coordinate the efforts over carrying out the activities in the modern academic, economic and legal basis.


10.2.1.The publishing of the printed materials
It is planned to establish a special organ (newspaper, magazine). It will be produced leaflets, posters. It is necessary to provide the high quality information materials, as well as the high quality printing.
10.2.2. Website, video, flags, banners, pennants, etc.
It is planned to deploy a network of modern communication and information tools, which should provide information about our activities.


The program is provided at its own funds, including the economic activity of the interested organizations, sponsors, etc.

11. The foreign sector

Level of the programs - international.
Task - programs oriented for the research and Cossack organizations, investment campaigns, business - structures of various countries.


Our interaction with the organizations of various countries will be effective with the participation of the respectable people of these countries (researchers, Cossacks, etc), who will be there to represent the interests of the MCD UAS.


11.2.1.The organizing of the interaction between the Cossack, scientific and veterans organizations of the different countries.
With the purpose to the exchange of delegations, to solve to common problems and common scientific developments we can propose the Cossack tourism for foreign groups in Ukraine, including the medical, health, sports programs, joint cultural projects, festivals, etc.
11.2.2. The organizing of the interaction with investment companies and business - structures, attracting the funds for the implementation of the common mutually beneficial projects is important.
The direct participation of distinguished citizens and organizations in each country to the performance of our common projects will provide the additional capacity to implement them.


The Programs are provided at their own expense, including capital from business, media interested organizations, sponsors

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