To support the government programs for social-economic development, in particular investment and innovation, the development of relevant international programs, and participation in their implementation, the Military Cossacks Department of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (hereafter MCD UAS) is working across sectors, in accordance with the directions of activity:
1. Sector of the historical research and educational programs Cossack education.
2. Sector of the promoting of the Cossack farming (agricultural research, the scientific support for the development of small and medium businesses Cossack).
3. Sector of the intellectual property, technical and economic studies Cossack initiatives.
4. Sector of the development of Cossacks assistance and military (veteran) organizations.
5. Sector of children and youth development programs of the Cossacks.
6. Sector of International Relations.
7. Sector of health and environmental research.
8. Sector of the promoting the revival of Cossack culture.
9. Legal sector of Cossack activities.
10. Publishing and advertising sector.
11. The foreign sector
All sectors work closely together and perform the following main tasks:
- Research perspectives, and contribute to the revival and development in scientific and legal basis of the traditions of the Ukrainian Cossacks, Cossack farms, small and medium enterprises, rehabilitation of farm individual and collective Cossacks farms (program "Cossacks settlement, etc.) in the current market conditions.
- Development of scientific programs for training and educating a new generation of Cossacks, Cossacks military training of children and young people: in the spirit of chivalry, patriotism and devotion to his people. Research of the historical and cultural heritage of Ukrainian Cossacks.
- Ensuring the publication of printed materials, videos, etc., respectively, to the Department
- Conduct and participate in research aimed at developing new technologies, innovative development, the promotion of innovation in industrial and agricultural areas of the Cossack revival of the economy, the creation of appropriate databases, the introduction of the most progressive, environmentally friendly products and technologies. Carrying out scientific and economic research and provide findings to invest Cossack business - programs initiated by citizens, works to protect intellectual property.
- The development of scientific techniques of psychological rehabilitation of servicemen who were involved in international peacekeeping activities in the "hot spots" and other stressful situations. Programs to create jobs for the military and the power structures of retired or been reduced due to the downsizing of the army, with the effective use of their experience and integration into civilian society. Providing them and their families to the settlements in the countryside and participate in the program "Cossacks Sloboda" (for many it is not just a job, but the problem of housing).
- Development of communication and cooperation with local Cossack and military (veterans') organizations, the scientific support for their activities.
- Development of international relations and scientific cooperation with foreign Cossack and veterans' organizations (including the former exile), their involvement in the program development in Ukraine.

In order to achieve these objectives, the work of MCD UAS attracted leading specialists and scientists in the field: history, economics, pedagogy, law, medicine, psychology, agriculture, military affairs and Cossacks organizations, Cossacks self-government and culture, as well as veterans of military service and power structures.

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