Day of the Cossacks

On October, 14, 2011 all cossacks of "International Union of Cossack Forces" celebrated in the countries and regions the holiday of Holy Protection of Holy Mother – know as the Day of the Cossacks.
In most temples of Poltava region festive services and events took place with the participation of local bodies - hundreds, kurens, regiments of "International Union of Cossack Forces".

The German cossacks of "International Union of Cossack Forces" on the Day of the cossacks conducted the row of festive events in Bavaria and laid flowers to the monument to the lost Ukrainian cossacks.






The Russian cossacks of the Kaliningrad regiment of "International Union of Cossack Forces" traditionally celebrated the cossack holiday in the circle of friends.




The Odesa regiment of "International Union of Cossack Forces" also decently celebrated the Day of the cossacks, not only on earth but also in the sky.




In Volyn Cossack Regiment, with a main office in College of technologies and business of Volyn National University named after Lesia Ukrainka in Lutsk, initiation in cossacks of IUCF and conferment of cossack ranks took place. Head Ataman of regiment Smirnov S.V. handed Universal and certification of colonel of IUCF to the director of the College Scheblyuk Stanislav .










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