In Crimea took place the meeting of representatives

   Since July, 27 till August, 3, 2012 the planned meeting of representatives of separations of IUCF of Russia, France and Armenia with the Supreme ataman of International Union of Cossack Forces and head of military-cossack department of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences general-colonel KITSKO P.N., took place in Crimea
  In a cossack military sports camp in Sevastopol KITS'KO P.N. handed rewards to the cossacks of IUCF, and also certificates to the best young cossacks and officers from Russia, for taking military-cossack preparation here (72 young cossacks). Oleg SYTOV, the leader of detachment of young cossacks from Russia, was appropriated the rank of captain of IUCF for excellent cossack service. The Supreme ataman also rewarded priests with the cossack orders of Holy Mother father Sergiy (Russia, Moscow) and father Leonid (Avignon, France).

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