Meeting of Political Rada

On October, 29 the extended meeting of Political Rada of "Cossack Folk Party", in which the leaders of regional and certain municipal and district organizations of Political party "Cossack Folk Party" participated took place in Poltava in total 72 parties members from a 21 area of Ukraine.



On meeting came forward :


Kytsko P. . - a head of PP "CFP",
Koval . . - the first vice-chairman PP "CFP".
Dudka g.p. - vice-chairman PP "CFP",
Iyevlev . . - chairman of Secretariat PP "CFP",
Dudnik .. - a member of political rada PP "CFP",
Morohovsky .. - is chairman of Zaporizhzhya organization PP "CFP",
Korotkov .V. - a counsel of Crimean and Sevastopol organizations PP "CFP",
Laguta V.. - chairman of Kharkiv organization PP "CFP",
Kirichenko . E. - is chairman of Luhansk organization PP "CFP",
Orischenko . . - chairman of Tcherkasy organization PP "CFP",
Kunitsyn V.V. - chairman of Kirovohrad organization PP "CFP",
Zaharov V.F. - chairman of Dnepropetrovsk organization PP "CFP",
Kim Y.L. - a counsel of questions of interethnic policy of "CFP" in Ukraine, president of "Association of Koreans of Ukraine"
Sinitsyn A.G. - a counsel of Kyiv municipal and regional organizations of PP "CFP",
Yakubenko . P. - vice-chairman PP "CFP".



All participants of meeting participated in a discussion.
The directions concerning the further development and widening of activity of "" in Ukraine - in interests of the Ukrainian people and the Cossacks - were determined.



Meeting of Military- Cossacks Department of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences took place at the same day.





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