Welcome, brothers Cossacks and veterans of military service on the website of the Military Cossack Department of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences!

Here you will find absolutely everything: the historical role of the Cossacks, the scientific research and archaeological finds, the weapons and the Cossack way of life, its traditions and modernity.
The scientific development of our most competent scientists can bring economic and legal basis for the revival and the modern development of the Cossack organizations, and their participation in investment projects and business.
It is here Zaporizhzhya Sich of the Internet now!
It is here you’ll find close-minded friends - Cossacks from different countries and you’ll be able to get the necessary help and advice!
It is here we will help you to revive your Cossack birth!
It is here anyone who feels the spirit of the Cossacks can join our Cossack organizations and obtain relevant documents!

Cheers, brothers - Cossacks!                              
The Head of the Military - Cossack Department,
Supreme Ataman of the IUCF
Academic U.A.S.  P.N. KITSKO
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