IUCF was established in Ukraine in early 2010 on the initiative of leaders of the most active and massive Cossacks organizations: Slobozhanska, Don, Zaporizhzhya, Ukrainian, Transcarpathian, Kuban, and other structures in the Ukraine, through their associations under a single flag. The head of the Military Cossacks Department of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Colonel-General of the Cossacks, the academician and the winner of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Pavel KITSKO was elected as the Supreme Ataman of IUCF, general-East Ukraine Cossack chieftain, Colonel-General of the Cossacks Nikolay Koval was elected as a the main leader of a band (1 st Deputy Supreme Ataman).

- IUCF is working closely with the Military Cossacks Department of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and working to implement the programs designed by department in all regions of Ukraine and in foreign countries. Almost all scientists of the Department are part of the IUCF
- IUCF creates its units in different countries to implement the economic programs and development of the Cossacks as a powerful international movement.
- IUCF considers education of the younger generation in the spirit of chivalry, a comprehensive education, physical and spiritual harmony on the basis of Cossack traditions one of the most important tasks of his work.


The Head of the Military - Cossack Department,
Supreme Ataman of the IUCF
Academic U.A.S.  P.N. KITSKO
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